The wood so softly singing
In a language strange to hear
And the song it sings will find you
As the twilight draws you near


Relationships With Rivers

This advice from SACRED WATERS

Relating to a River ~~~~~

Always look upstream first to greet the oncoming waters and then downstream to bid farewell as they flow away.

Visit often, in different places, so you know your river in all her moods and circumstances (my river is female, so I write in that case, but yours might not be).

When crossing be aware of her, even if it is by road in a car, though you can discover places where a more intimate exchange is appropriate. As with your other  relationships, context is all.

Having chosen a special place where you can be intimate, offer gifts and listen to the water song. Find out what gifts your river likes, and how she wants to receive them.

The source and the estuary are special places, but not the only ones. If the source, in particular, is accessible and you can go there often, then do. But remember that a river has many sources in addition to the one we name. Be familiar with tributaries.

Every river flows from the wells of the Earth, carrying whispers from the Other World down to the great oceans. Each drop of water you drink is a blessing. Savour it, whatever flavour or other substance it carries into you. Likewise with flowing out.

Some rivers are gregarious and will love to meet your friends, others shy and difficult to get to know and these you should visit alone or with intimate friends only. Be sensitive: know those places which are private and those which are public. Most rivers have both.

When you visit, be prepared to carry away any rubbish that has been dumped, but remember that some things that you consider rubbish might be valuable to the river. Judge wisely.


Rowan said...

I enjoyed reading this, I have a special river although Blacka Dyke is only small. She's very beautiful though and I always stop at the same point and greet the river spirit. The Sacred Waters site looks interesting and I shall be going back there to explore.
Thank you for telling me about my error re the western most point of mainland Ireland, I've edited my post.

Hamadryad said...

I'll take that advice to my heart next time I visit my local river.

This is a good reminder of the need to be thoughtful in our relationships with the nature spirits.

Heronmist said...

Rowan, It's a different 'Heron' that made that geographical point on your blog. It's was, anyway, good to hear about Ireland (I must go back there soon) and thanks for your comment here.

Hamadryad, yes 'thoughtful' is what we should be.

My regards to both of your rivers.